Thursday, 15 December 2011

Backyard Monsters Facebook Game Cheats

Download cheat engine 5. 6 . 1, in then install it. Then open your backyard monster, then the cheat engine you see a computer there, click it and choose what browser did you use. There are several similar browser, if the one you click is not working try another. then click the "4 bytes" and find "arrays of bytes" and click it check the box of the "hex" and "also scan read-only memory" then type to the hex OF 8F 19 01 00 00 8B 7D A8 8B 5D 08 8B B7 24 01 and click the first scan. There must be an address in the side if there's nothing, (just what I told ya , if it doesn't work click on the other similar of what you click. ) left click the address and click "disassemble this memory region" left click the address with the blue highlight and click "replace with code that does nothing" and if you see jg change g to e and it will become je, and go back to your backyard and the resources will have a exclamation point means full, and when you collect it in just a few seconds and it will be full again.


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